The client offers the project, a wonderful website is created, everyone is extremely satisfied and happy, the payment is executed on time, the website converts.

In reality, however, there are many obstacles during the project, and the launch of a website does not represent the completion of the project. If you want a site that converts, promote it! In 2017, just having a website doesn’t mean much, it’s just the “engine” of your business. And, like any engine, it needs additional resources to get it up and running. We’re sure you know what we’re talking about.

Make sure you understand the briefing and the client’s wishes properly. The graphic design service is one in which interpretations are easy to make and difficult to overlap with those of the client. If there is no briefing, guide your client with questions to determine one. If you feel that the information is inconsistent with the intended message or if you do not agree with the requirements for any other reason, talk to the customer. For example: just because your customer likes pink, that doesn’t mean it’s the right color on his brand’s website. Explain the reasons, you are the expert, and he came to you for that.

Prepare a realistic project plan
This means that for each design you have to prepare a detailed project plan, discuss it with the client and both agree on it.

In your plan you must take into account the time you will spend for communication, the client’s approvals in certain stages and, of course, the emergency time for situations that may occur during the project. This plan helps you to give the client an accurate estimate of the time required to complete the project and to inform him if the deadline is realistic or not. Never exceed the deadline!

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