Are you troubled to determine whether or not you actually ought to hire a child custody lawyer? Where representing yourself professionally is usually not a problem, there are instances when these things are not enough and you have to have some legal support. Here are some instances where you definitely think twice before heading to childrens court Perth without a child custody lawyer.

Case has gotten complicated

Sometimes you begin out with a fairly straightforward case that becomes more and more difficult as you go on. For instance, say you learn that your ex has made up her mind concerning sharing custody, otherwise you suspect that he’s reaching to try and persuade the court that you’re unfit to own the children long. These complications would indicate that it’s time to hire a lawyer.

Your children are not safe with your ex

The costs of losing your kid are simply too much after you believe your kids’ safety is on the road. Additionally, any time you think your kids are not safe, you must make a decision and call 9-1-1. During this kind of state of affairs, you must take into account obtaining a restraining order, as well. If you’re troubled concerning potential repercussions, share your issues together with the attorney.

You’re being asked to seek treatment or therapy

If the court is requiring you to go for parenting categories or anger management categories or to inscribe in drug or alcohol treatment, then you’re most likely already at a drawback within the eyes of the court.


In this state of affairs, it’s best to get an attorney to represent you. The sole exception would be if all parents in your country are asked to participate in parenting or anger management categories as a regular part of any child custody case. Whereas not common, some courts do need some kind of parental treatment for all kid custody cases.

The case is crossing stateline

Do you and your partner live in totally different states or countries? Once cases cross jurisdictions, you’ll need to hire a child custody attorney to represent you. Otherwise, you’ll have to be compelled to learn the laws that impact your case, which may very well support your location.

International custody cases will get particularly tough. Ensure you hire an experienced attorney who has handled similar cases within the past.


Finally, if either the circumstances of your ex’s have changed considerably, then you’ll wish to hire a child custody attorney to represent you. As an example, if either of you are relocating, remarrying, or perhaps moving in with someone, then it’s going to be an honest plan to hire an attorney instead of representing yourself alone.

While separation is typically the sole resolution to unresolvable variations, coping with its aftermath is sometimes the larger hurdle for each party. Child custody is arguably the foremost important aftereffect of divorce that the couple must delineate.


When it involves the child’s custody, each parent ought to build compromises to form certain that every one choices are within the best interests of the children. However, this is often not perpetually the case, ego and emotions come in between.

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